BARDOT Group and DORIS to develop OTEC activities

French companies BARDOT Group and DORIS have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to develop their activities in the industry of Marine Thermic Energies. 

Under the MoU, partners will work together in developing innovative solutions for Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) and Water Intake Systems for Sea Water Air Conditioning (SWAC) applications. 

BARDOT group & Doris signed MoUBARDOT Group, through its business unit BARDOT Ocean, provides Integrated Energy Solutions based on OTEC technology. This green technology uses the ocean water to produce electricity, air-conditioning and fresh & drinking water. OTEC brings
electricity while associated technologies such as SWAC (Sea Water Air Conditioning) and SWRO (Sea Water Reverse Osmosis) can be used for air cooling and water purification.  

DORIS has been delivering for more than 50 years engineering services to the oil & gas and energy production industries. These engineering services range from feasibility studies to detailed engineering and include also procurement services and project management services. DORIS' expertise covers all offshore facilities: subsea systems/equipment, sealines, fixed or floating structures, mooring systems, marine operations, etc." 

The two companies will be joining their expertise and experience to work on ongoing OTEC project in Maldives and other potential projects worldwide. Both CEOs Mr Guy Bardot and Mr Nicolas Parsloe are confident that this partnership will accelerate the progress made in OTEC developments, allowing the innovative solution to increase its notoriety and exploitation. 

Bardot Group Doris MuO CEO of BARDOT Group Mr Guy Bardot  and CEO of DORIS Mr Nicolas Parsloe
CEO of BARDOT Group Mr Guy Bardot (left) and CEO of DORIS Mr Nicolas Parsloe (right) 

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