Bardot Group Chairman’s word

it's time to leave up!

"After months of worry and lack of visibility, the future is finally cleared, the price per barrel goes back regularly and gradually, and now we are all sure that the virtuous circle is engaged! Then there is no time to waste to implement in our business the new 2.0 supply chain adapted to a barrel price set lasting around 60-65 USD: materials should be lighter, easier and quick to install, solutions must be even more clever : Bardot Group is developing this approach for its SURF solutions for years in being convinced that projects development costs became unsustainable: turn you back in the race by trusting LowPex® Bardot Group solutions, which have already saved millions of dollars to modern and bold companies that have adopted them: join the move, make your personal revolution, think LowPex® and contact Bardot Group at the French Pavilion on OTC 2016, the show will start soon ! ! "
Guy M. Bardot Bardot Group Chairman and CEO