Integrated Energy Solutions

PERSONALISED TURNKEY SOLUTIONS for a complete autonomous sustainable system

  Integrated energies, for life support around the world


At BARDOT Ocean, the first goal of our engineers, is to provide the best marine innovative solutions to communities, worldwide, to ensure their energy independence and the highest quality of life possible for their inhabitants. To achieve this, our systems will deliver, 24/7, Carbon Free, Sustainable, Continuous: Electricity + Air-Conditioning + Hot & Cold water for utilities + Cold water for people + Water for agriculture & aquaculture.

BARDOT Ocean’s Integrated Energy Solutions comes with three technologies: Ocean Thermal Energy Convertor: OTEC Sea Water Air conditioning: SWAC Sea Water Reverse Osmose System: SWROBARDOT Ocean’s Integrated Energy Solutions come with three technologies:
Ocean Thermal Energy Convertor: OTEC
Sea Water Air conditioning: SWAC
Sea Water Reverse Osmose System: SWRO

Our INTEGRATED ENERGY SOLUTIONS provide fully personalised packages adapted to your activity, needs, or location, combined with the higher local content possible on construction & installation activities.

The full EPCI scope of service offered by BARDOT Ocean includes:


  • By using the difference of temperature between warm surface seawater and cold deep seawater, an OTEC plant generates electricity which can be used directly for all the power needs of the community. The electricity produced is not the only benefit of OTEC; the associated technologies such as SWAC and SWRO offer a complete and self-sufficient sustainable system for every living requirement.
  • Air-conditioning is generated by SWAC systems using the cold water pumped from the OTEC plant. The cold water is sent to a heat exchanger or distributed directly into a cooling system to provide cool air to surrounding buildings.
  • Agriculture also benefits from OTEC technology: the soil can be chilled by cold seawater flowing into underground pipes, which allows plants from temperate climates to grow in tropical areas, thus providing a larger diversity of culture. The cold seawater is also used for aquaculture to grow fish and algae that usually evolve in fresh waters, such as salmon, lobster or spirulina.
  • Finally, an open or hybrid OTEC plant can produce fresh water through the process of reverse osmosis for drinking and irrigation purposes. OTEC and its associated technologies are offering a clean, sustainable and complete solution to remote communities in tropical insular and coastal areas, covering all necessities for water, food and living comfort.