BARDOT Groups’s new philosophy and technology is opening new horizons, to provide sustainable energies to communities all around the world.

Bardot Ocean renewable Energy OTECMARINE ENGINEERING

BARDOT Group’s engineers use the most advanced software available to calculate all the parametersThanks to its unrivaled experience in very different oil & gas fields all around the world, whether in the Gulf of Guinea, Gulf of Mexico, the North Sea or the Caspian Sea, BARDOT Group has acquired an extensive expertise regarding the best way to operate offshore and subsea installations, even in the most extreme conditions.

From this unique expertise, BARDOT Group now derives all knowledge which enables the company to design new marine energy solutions, integrating not only its knowledge of polymers, but also all the engineering studies necessary to a full calculation and design of an ocean energy production system.

BARDOT Group’s engineers use the most advanced software available to calculate all the parameters and features required for a safe, reliable and long lasting installation of its integrated energy solutions, such as OTEC & SWAC.

Bardot Ocean renewable Energy OTECPOLYMER ENGINEERING

 BARDOT Group’s Engineering team is composed of material experts, calculation experts, mechanical engineers, and experienced specialists in offshore installation. This team uses precision tools and systems to analyse your specifications in order to always suggest the best possible solution – whether it’s from our standard solutions or even special developments.

The BARDOT Group team possesses excellent knowledge of the material properties, their performance, and their limits, but also a strong ability to make fundamental and pragmatic innovations in order to absolutely guarantee you full performance over life time of the solution.
The design of each piece of equipment is the subject of a design report identifying the expected mechanical performance of this equipment, at the beginning and end of its life, the philosophy, the methods, and computational tools.


Bardot Ocean renewable Energy OTECPROCESS ENGINEERING

BARDOT Group’s team of Engineers have been developing, testing & qualifying industrial process since the first day of operation of the group.
This long time experience in process allowed our experts and scientists to develop & design unique solutions to master the ocean energy and create electricity, cold & hot water, and fresh water from its resource.
Our Engineering team has developed unrivaled skills, to design the complete system of energy generation, from the hydrodynamic of the pipelines, to the fluid mechanics and the thermodynamic of the turbine based on Rankine cycle.
Energetic specialists then design the complete grid integration of the power & water supply. Unique developments of energy storage allows our OTEC & SWAC technologies to be at the top of their efficiency.

Bardot Ocean renewable Energy OTECQUALIFICATION & TESTING


For many years, BARDOT Group have internally developed specific means and procedures of all types of qualifications & tests in order to guarantee absolute credibility in its equipment and solutions.

Each of our materials & pieces of equipment goes through extensive qualifications program, which are carried out in our Experimental Development Center (EDC), in La Ciotat (France), where are the state of the art and at the cutting edge of technology. Thanks to million euros of testing & qualification machinery, our team of experts & scientists are developing, testing & qualifying the materials, equipment & solutions of tomorrow.

In order to ensure smooth installation of equipment built by BARDOT Group, the latest equipment has all been tested upon production completion according to a procedure implemented by our engineers and validated by our clients, both contractors and end-user companies. This process ensures a stringent conformity between your request and the delivered products.

Through physical exchanges and uninterrupted information technology between the Experimental Development Center (EDC), the different local test sites located in Houston, Cuneo, and Kuala Lumpur, the feedback on real observations, the results of numerical calculations and the resulting cybernetic process guarantee BARDOT Group of a highly sophisticated understanding of the behavior of our systems and of their performance in use and in installation.


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