À valider À mettre en page 2.4. QUALIFICATION SUBSEA, THE ABSOLUTE DEMAND TESTS AND LEADING-EDGE ANALYSIS For many years, BARDOT Group have internally developed specific means and procedures of all types of tests in order to guarantee absolute credibility in its equipment. > Zero compromise: the slightest deviation is analyzed and a solution is found in total transparency with our clients. > Stay on course: go faster and deeper. SELECTION PROCESS Each proposed piece of equipment goes through qualification steps carried out for many years; in order ensure you the maximum performance during the onsite installation and throughout the field production: • Finite element analysis by the latest specialized software on the market, systematically correlated with full-scale tests carried out by our project teams (excellent rate of correlation) • Standardized and individualized material testing have allowed the creation of a rich and unique data bank of polymer material approved by Bardot Polymers • Fitting test • Ageing test • Fatigue • Pressure resistance (hyperbaric chambers) • Controlled/anticipated performances RESEARCH AND CONTINUED DEVELOPMENT Since 2010, BARDOT Group has a Centre of Experimental Development (Centre de Développement Expérimental) at their disposal stationed in La Ciotat, France. Equipped today with multi-millions of euros in testing means, established on a surface of more than 1000 m² and led by a team of eminent scientists, it is entirely devoted to the development of the BarDeep® and DeepFloat® materials of tomorrow, which will be able to be used at a depth of up to 4000 m and a continuous temperature of 130° C.